Sunday, 9 January 2011

Time to Go To something else?

After 9 Go To Scarves it may be time to move on...

Katia Azteca - Dr. Who?

It all started with Lydia asking for a long, wide chunky scarf using some Lang Mille Colori Big I already had - this resulted in The Lydia. It's about 30 cm wide and over 2m long!! And weighs 400grams, but is fantastic on a tall trendy young woman.
Lang Mille Colori Big - The Lydia
 In fact, I originally found the stitch in someone's notes, but I find it fun to link to a pattern on ravelry and then see what others knit or have knitted with the same pattern, so I linked to this one:

Pattern link: The Go To Scarf.
Ravelry link: Ravelry The Go To Scarf page

It's a great knit - the same on both sides so you don't even have to think about whether you are on the RS or WS - just turn and go... I slipped the first stitch on every row to make a smoother edge.

I don't think I could have made so many if it hadn't been for all the variations I tried - different yarns, different colourways all produced very different results. Some a big longer, some a bit wider...

All of the scarves can be found on my ravelry projects page. The photo captions here indicate the name of the yarn used and the name of the scarf on the projects page.

Mille Colori Big - City Lights

Lang West - you can get a reasonable scarf out of 3 skeins (approx. 22 x 160cm) - 150 g.
Lang Mille Colori Big - you can get a good scarf out of 1.5 skeins, but a huge one if you use the full 2 skeins. However, it's pretty heavy at 400g. And also the most expensive version.
Katia Azteca - this works out very well with 2 skeins - 200g. The shading of Azteca is particularly well suited to a scarf like this.

Katia Azteca  - Cranberry Sauce

Lang West - Hidden Gem
Katia Azteca - Ice Maiden

Lang West - Northern Lights

Katia Azteca - Amethyst

Azteca the wool ...

But now it's time to move on - so it's back to lace for me now.

Seagrass Horseshoe Lace

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