Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quaker Yarn Stretcher

My latest pattern is the result of an experiment to see if I could make something scarf-sized with about 220m (245yds) of handspun yarn and use as much of the yarn as possible.  I'm happy to report that it worked.

This was the first one - made with a Gift of Grace handspun in colourway Boomerang, which is what got me trying this in the first place.

You can find the pattern on ravelry:

Then I wanted to try it again - and again....

I have made four so far and they all ended up about 150cm (5') long - which isn't huge, but is long enough to wear as a scarf.

You can drape lots of different ways.

I like the thicker end down the front and the skinny end at the back - like this - see the dark shape on the right side, that’s to show that there is as much length down the back as at the front (no cheating to make it look bigger ☺):
Silk Quaker ( #4 )
This shows the other side - more ridges, less stockinette - with some yarns this side may be more interesting. The way the edges are worked will make it reversible:
Silk Quaker ( #4 )
This one shows the skinny end in front - you get a lot more coverage in the front if you wear it this way (good for windy winter days):
Silk Quaker ( #4 )
It’s actually long enough to wrap around and leave the ends down in front (or you could tie them if you wanted):
Silk Quaker ( #4 )
An overall shot:
Silk Quaker ( #4 )
And one more to show off the colours and sheen - the yarn is fabulous !! It's Lady Godiva by Handmaiden.
Silk Quaker ( #4 )