Friday, 17 December 2010

Why don't I own a hat?

Walking to work through the snow (30 minutes, grinning all the way) I started to feel my ears getting cold - or more accurately stopped feeling my ears - and started to wonder why after over 30 years of knitting I have never knitted myself a hat. I and all around me have jumpers, cardigans, scarves and socks galore, but I have knitted very few hats - several striped baby hats using Debbie Bliss' patterns and the cute kid hat, but that's it. So I'm setting myself a hat challenge for after Christmas - watch this space.


  1. Hats are awesome to knit! Such quick projects. I have a bag of about 30 hats in my room that I've knit over the past few months. Ravelry has so many cute projects. And I've found a lot on my own. If you want any suggests for a pattern let me know!!

  2. Thanks - any suggestions are very welcome - that's one of the things I love about blogging and ravelry - sharing ideas.

    I have just finished a hat - I'll be posting a picture of it later.