Thursday, 2 December 2010

Today's haul

Who will they be for?

Today's haul - all by LANG because my local shop doesn't have NORO and driving conditions aren't great because of the snow.


  1. WOW. Beautiful colors! I love the red, orange, brown. So gorgeous. How often do you find yourself buying wool?

  2. Too often - if you ask my husband.
    Not often enough - if you ask me.

    I love to get new wool - it generates new ideas, but I can't knit quick enough!

  3. Three of these have been turned into scarves - Monet, Lydia's big scarf and subtle shading - a few others should follow shortly - faded rose and purple haze.

  4. I love getting new wool too! It makes me happy and I get all these ideas as well! I will admit that I have a large basket overflowing with wool for projects that I haven't started yet. Yikes! But I keep finding more wool that I like.

    Well I bet the scarves turned out beautifully. I can't wait to see photos of them!