Monday, 6 August 2012

Just Knit It

During the 2012 events (Olympics and Ravellenic Games) I have been knitting up some quick relaxing knits using my Just Knit It pattern.

Here are a couple; you can find more examples over on the ravelry pattern page (click on the link - if but you'll have to sign in on ravelry to see them).


  1. Hi -
    I can't find any way to email you, so I'm trying this. I downloaded the free pattern you posted at Ravelry, and am confused. It said there were 3 scarves, but there's one, and I can't tell which one it is. ;) But I need to understand what the "kyfwd" means. How do you knit with the yarn in front?

    And are the other two patterns available somewhere?

  2. Adding comment to get the option to subscribe to this, so I won't miss your reply in case you post one.

  3. It is a pattern for one scarf - with 3 finishing options.

    I can't find "kyfwd" in the pattern - can you give me a hint where you saw that?

  4. You can also get in touch with me on ravelry.