Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dip dye

Apparently this is the latest thing.

For hair:

And maybe for knitting too ?

(click to go to the project page on ravelry)


  1. Susan, I love your patterns and am currently working on the Hogwarts Express. Now I have a really stupid question concerning this pattern. If I follow the counting method and work to the number of stitches I want that is divisible by 12 + 4 do I or do I not do the increase row? I am one of those knitters who prefers exact numbers given rather that guess and go. If you could answer my question I would truly appreciate this. I am ready to start the owls. Thank you again,

  2. You always need to work the increase row - this is what allows the border to flare out.

    Work you increase row so that you end up with a multiple of 12 + 4, then you'll be ready to start the owls.

    1. The pattern does not include a specific stitch count because it it modular.

      You just need to be sure to end up with a multiple of 12 + 4 (you can adjust on the increase row or the first row of owls, as suggested in the pattern).

      If you require any additional help, feel free to contact me on ravelry. There is also a specific Hogwarts thread in the stitchnerds group.

  3. susan I loveeeeee this shawl and would like to order it but when I click on the name and it takes me to raverly it insists on paypal even though I clicked visa. is there some place else I can order it. would you believe this is my first everrrrrrrrrrrr ordered pattern for knitting! it is just too pretty not to buy it!