Friday, 4 February 2011

LC's quilt in progress

This is being beautifully made by a lady who had never used a sewing machine before!

There will be pink buttons in the middle of all of the green squares and two borders (a narrow pink one and then a broad mustardy green one).

More photos in a couple of weeks - when it's finished!


  1. Superbe,Bravo Lyn.C'est vraiment superbe.
    It's not easy to go in Seattle downtown take 1h by bus!
    And I wait Montreal to buy jelly roll and other fabrics when my suitcase is empty...
    I miss monday night with you girls. Hope you all well. here only water and tea!!!!
    Big hugs to you

  2. We look forward to having you back on Monday and seeing the fabrics you bring back. Enjoy!